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Get Auto Glass Repaired with a Minimum of Fuss!

By Bob Wilson

I used to date this gal that lived 80 miles away from my home town. I’d usually drive up on a Friday evening after work and come home in the wee small hours of Monday morning. I did this for 2 years without incident until one dark and cold foggy, frosty morning there was this almighty craaaaack! I was driving an Austin mini 850 cc at the time, which was perhaps one of the smaller cars on the motorway. Anyway, within a second of this ear splitting noise, my whole frigging windscreen fell in. I had tiny cubes of auto glass all over my lap as the break had shattered into the front of the vehicle.

To cut a very long story short I ended up driving home without a windshield, and wrapped a seat cover around my legs to keep some kind of warmth in. I had no mobile phone and no credit card or hard cash on me, so even if I could have located any auto glass services I would not have been able to get a replacement auto glass for my mini and that cold and miserable day. In fact I was frozen to death and also concerned that if a stone, like the one that had smashed the windscreen, was to hit my exposed head, I’d be a goner and probably responsible for a motorway pile up. It was a stupid decision to press on at the time but at least I’m here to tell the tale, and although it’s not the only time I’ve needed an auto glass replacement, it was the worst ever incident.

I bet I’m not the only one to have suffered a shattered windscreen either. Thunk! Crack! Ding! Aren’t those are the sounds we hate to hear as we drive on the highway. It means, here comes trouble. It means in my experience, that I may need to have an auto glass replacement pretty soon. Actually, I’ve have had a broken windshield a few times in my driving career. Every time something happened to my windshield, it happened while driving at high speeds on the highway or the fast moving ring road around my town. You can never tell if the car in front of you will hit a stone and ding your windshield. Perhaps you are stuck behind a dump truck and a pebble falls off. At highway speeds, it is almost certain that you will need an auto glass specialist.

Last year, I ended up by some unlucky coincidence of having two windshields replaced in two weeks. Both times were local incidents and I was able to simply drive the car into the nearby auto repair shops to get them fixed. I just hate going to these so called car doctors though, don’t you? I mean, why is it that when you take your vehicle in for one thing it gets diagnosed for a list of other potential problems that you never asked them to check. There’s one auto repair in a nearby industrial area that’s notorious for shady dealings, especially when the ladies of the town take their motors in for a harmless service. I told my wife to never go there again as this particular auto repair service tied to convince her that the motor needed a thousand dollars of auto repair parts and service to make it safe, and she only stopped by for a headlight bulb.

So much for these so called auto glass repair experts too. I’m sure that the auto glass parts that they charge for aren’t always necessary either. Things like a new rubber seal, or another one they use is that the wipers have been damaged by the glass.

Well anyway, a broken and dinged windshield is not fun, but at least it can be repaired with a minimum of fuss on most popular models. It is inconvenient and yet it must be taken care of. A small ding in a windshield can become a large crack pretty quickly. The auto glass shops will help you handle your insurance claim and make sure that you get prompt and courteous attention. Well that’s the theory anyway!

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