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Auto Navigation Systems are Remarkable Devices
for Motorists!

I'd heard about these auto navigation systems and a buddy of mine purchased a Mercedes Benz 600CL a few years back which had one fitted as standard, but I'd never actually seen one working or used one myself, and became more curious as the popularity in these remarkable devices started to become more commonplace.

I’ve always wondered just how accurate GPS auto navigation can really be. They’ve always seemed a little extravagant to me, and the thought of driving around with a computerized voice telling me how to get somewhere seemed a little too futuristic to be true. But that changed when I was on vacation recently and had the opportunity to use a rental car equipped with one of the new auto navigation systems.

I was in Florida where it can be impossible to find your way around, especially in the packed tourist cities like Orlando. We were staying on Disney property so my husband could attend a conference, so my days were free to explore the area. Being by myself, I didn’t want to get lost, so I figured it would be as good a time as any to do some research on auto navigation systems. I rented an Explorer with a GPS unit installed in the dash, and I immediately began to test it. I wanted to see if it could accurately lead me back to my hotel and to other short destinations that I already had the directions for. It did a pretty good job, though it got a little confused when I ignored a turn command on a one-way street and it had to figure out an alternate route.

Nevertheless, I have to say that I was really impressed with this auto GPS navigation system and couldn't help think about all the days or even weeks it would save motorists over the years that have gotten lost or hit road works they knew nothing about before they set out on their journeys.

But they're not perfect because they are computers reliant on the data that’s sent to them, and that’s the thing about auto navigation systems—as hard as they try to charade as a good human guide, they’re not human. They are flawed in the way that all machines are, and they can’t give you hints based on information that is happening right then in the front seat of your car. They can’t remind tell you to pay attention to where you’re going, or to check the street signs or make a quick turn, they can merely serve as a guide to the best of their programmed ability and you need to do the rest.

Good auto navigation systems are like mapquest. Ninety percent of the time they’re accurate, but they won’t always give you the best way to get somewhere or provide you with up-to-the-minute information about road detours and other changes along the route. So, are auto navigation systems really necessary? No, of course they're not, but then again, if you're someone who's prone to have no sense of direction and spend half your time getting lost on the roads, then perhaps they are a must-have!

I imagine the technology in auto navigation systems will only continue to improve, and the next generation may be able to sense when you’re about to screw up and make a mistake and will help you try to avoid it! Until then it makes sense to get directions from a real person who knows the area as well. Just to be safe.

Don't forget, there are lot's of little shortcuts and low traffic routes that only the locals may know about. Also, sometimes a particular route may be further in distance but shorter in time due to the type of roads etc. But all that said, there is no question of doubt that overall the auto navigation systems are a godsend for many motorists and I'm sure more and more folks will be able to predict their journey and arrival times with much greater precision than ever before.

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