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The Understated BMW Floor Mats!

By Andy Maingam

The BMW 3 series cars are quite often the fist choice for many new BMW owners. I actually started my love affair with these fine motors by purchasing a BMW M3, and it’s still my pride and joy to this day, and I make no exaggerations with that claim. From the classy BMW hood ornament to the understated BMW floor mats, it's a machine that pleases me to the core. Ok, so the cars and accessories are not the cheapest around but you really do get what you pay for with BMW. Even the rims for BMW cars can put many folks into cardiac arrest when they see the price tag, but you soon learn that everything you buy from this company really is unequaled in pure quality.

Unfortunately, I live in a densely inhabited urban area, and space is at a premium. My BMW M3 isn't really just for taking out on special occasions, but my every day commuter car which I need to use to drive the kids around, run errands, go to work, and dozens of other things each day. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep my M3 in the type of pristine condition which has become an obsession for me with this amount of wear and tear. The seats get dusty, and the special BMW floor mats get downright filthy from the kids boots. I know I'm obsessional, I admit to having a somewhat unhealthy obsession for perfection when it comes to my car, but I’m sure my fellow BMW owners can relate to this.

I tried getting rubber BMW floor mats to replace the – in my opinion – impractical ones that come with it. But there's something about those BMW rubber floor mats that ruins the whole feel of the car. The ones that came with it had an understated, shiny gray feel to them, but the new BMW floor mats – I don't know, they stand up to more wear, but they just don't have the same class.

Of course, it's not just the BMW floor mats – there are all kinds of things that the kids will mess up just clambering in and out in the rain and snow. I've already tried 3 different kinds of seat covers, but the seats get grimy and worn as easy as the BMW floor mats do. It's like the dirt somehow worms its way under the seat covers and ruins everything.

And the outside gets every bit as messy as the BMW floor mats. Oh, I know what you're saying - “don't be neurotic, don't be ridiculous, you can take it to a car wash just like any other car. Well – not quite. First of all, there is the little problem of the tree sap that drips all spring. It will damage your paint and even etch your windshield. And this isn't just a car, it's a work of art. I can't let it fall prey to the natural world like that, no matter how much other people take it for granted. And don't even get me started on what the acid rain does to the paint color.

If you have the time and patience to love and dote part of you life to a classy BMW, why not check out the BMW auto dealers in your area. But be warned, it could become part of the family and even those BMW floor mats may get more care and attention than the carpets in your living room.
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