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From Baby to Booster Car Seats

Of course, child safety is paramount for all parents of small children and this includes safety in the car as much as anywhere. When a child reaches the age of three or four, they are usually ready to graduate from car seat use. However, many parents are unaware that simply placing them in a seat belt is not enough. In order to ensure safety and avoid possible internal injury or even death, many experts agree that booster car seats are necessary for children up to the age of nine!

Our daughter uses a booster car seat. It's not nearly as troublesome as a traditional car seat. It has a regular booster sit with an arm that goes across her lap. The seat belt then wraps around the front of this arm, securing her into the seat. My daughter loves her booster seat. She feels much safer and she is able to see out the window. We find that this serves the secondary purpose of helping to avoid carsickness, since not being able to see out the windows often creates this malady.

Other booster car seat styles include molded plastic support for the entire back, along with comfortable cushioning. These seats have the advantage of supporting the entire spine and neck, and this is also a good option for parents out looking for a new booster car seat. These booster car seats are especially good for older children, and is the option we will likely go with as our daughter grows.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a booster car seat for your child: try not to pick out a particularly babyish print or style. If your child is supposed to use this seat for much of their childhood, they are not going to want to cooperate if the booster car seat looks like a baby seat. Try to think long term and opt for a seat with neutral colors and go for a sleek, stylish design that your child won't be as likely to grow to become embarrassed of. Also, keep in mind that you could have other children down the road, so it's best to choose coloring and design that is suitable for either gender.

We have found the transition from toddler car seat to booster car seat to be an easy one to make. One of the added bonuses is that when our daughter falls asleep in the car from time to time, being secured in the child seat provides added support and a place for her to rest her head, that might not be available if she was only secured in a lap belt.

Keeping Cars Summary

Parents often ask when their child will be ready to move from car booster seats for kids to normal car seats, but as time has gone by, it's more a case of moving your under 12's from car seat to booster seat. That's right, safety research has revealed that under 12's should still be strapped into a safety car booster seat, because the standard car seats do not give them adequate protection unless they are taller than 135 cm or 4ft 5in tall.

There are many options to choose from but it's advisable to read independent customer reviews in order to find the safest car booster seats available today. The best car booster seats cannot be judged just by looking, as the safest booster car seat is determined by more than just style and design.

It's easy to view booster car seats ratings both online and in written publications, but whatever you do don't just pick say a Disney booster car seat simply because your child likes Mickey Mouse, as the priority has to be the safety of your child every time.

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