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It doesn’t matter whether you have a nice new Mini Coupe or a big ole used Honda Pilot, auto cleaning for most folks is not much fun. It usually starts off as a little therapeutic but after an hour or so of washing drying vacuuming and polishing, most folks are glad to see an end of it. Modern day car cleaning products can take a lot of the elbow grease out of this thankless chore, but please make sure you’re using the right car cleaning products, or it could work out frustrating at best or a costly exercise at worse.

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Using The Right Car Cleaning Products

By Andy Maingam

There are lots of car cleaning products are on the marketplace today, and they can all be necessary to some degree. If you endeavor to clean your vehicle without the correct car cleaning products, then it simply won’t do. You could spoil your upholstery, you might leave an unpleasant stench in your interior which can be horrible on lengthy trips, or quite simply, you might not get your pride and joy cleaned satisfactorily despite your best efforts.

My auto was filthy on the outside and the interior. I had leant it to my younger brother for a road trip, and boy did he learn to regret it! There was mildew from drinks spilt on the carpets, Junk food rappers, mud, moldy orange peelings, and all of these combined made my motor practically unfit to ride in.

I've always been a firm believer in bleach to clean, as long as it is diluted sufficiently so as not to harm the material. I didn't envisage that I'd need to purchase any car cleaning products, because I figured the bleach water alone would be effectual. So, after shoveling all of the crap out of the interior (and I really did almost shovel it – there was just so much of it in there) I began to vacuum. That got it pretty tidy, but just to be sure, I used my bleach water. When I was done, the inside smelt much better, but unfortunately, I hadn't diluted the bleach quite enough. The once uniform seats were now spotted where the bleach had eaten away haphazardly at the fabric dye. The smell was almost gone, but my poor baby has never been quite the same inside.

Of course, no car cleaning products can make up for a good car wash every now and then. When my motor has been through the car wash, it literally does gleam. Now, I'm not a big car guy – just having a machine that works and gets me from point a to point b and back again has always been enough for me, but there is something nice about seeing your prize possession looking brand new again after weeks and weeks covered with dirt and with some smart aleck kids “wash me” finger painting. Now, instead of bleach water or just putting up wit it, when my car gets into a nauseating state, I go to get it professionally washed both inside and out. They have all the important car cleaning products and know how to use them to make my Yugo look so spotless it could take off and soar in the wind.

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