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Improving Car Safety Improves your Safety!

By Bob Wilson

It wasn’t always law to wear a crash helmet with a motorcycle and it wasn’t always law to clunk click every trip by fastening your car seatbelt. These simple but effective safety measures were mere suggestions, but thank heavens they were eventually passed as law. As a result latest technology seatbelts have done wonders in improving car safety, and road toll deaths involving motorcycles have plummeted.

The beautifully engineered and ultra comfortable cars around these days can give a somewhat false sense of security to drivers and passengers, but with more power and more traffic than ever before most folks still concern themselves with car safety and quite rightly so. It seems that every day that passes, you read about a new terrible and tragic car accident on the roadways, which is enough to practically make you want to become a hermit. The road traffic accident statistics appear to be forever climbing.

No matter how much attention you put into car safety, it never seems like enough, as the safest drivers in the safest cars still sometimes get struck by a tragic fate. Although there is no perfect solution to this or any other problem, nonetheless, your car safety can be maximized and your chances for disaster minimized if you are willing to take some simple precautions.

One of the best things you can do to help increase your automotive safety is to learn defensive driving. A lot of defensive driving is really a matter of common sense and courtesy, nonetheless courses can be taken to improve your driving skills. Anyone that has learnt how to become a driving instructor will soon tell you they were astonished at how little they actually knew about defensive driving before their training.

Although a car with a good automotive safety rating is a great investment, it is a moot point if you can manage to avoid having a collision to begin with. You can find an online traffic school which will provide more detailed information on this. Just do a search for defensive driving online and you should get plenty of results about where to apply for a defensive driving course.

Unfortunately, no mater how safe your driving, we all know that sometimes, through someone else's carelessness, or through bad luck, accidents can still happen, especially with an increase in the number of folks driving under the influence. This is why car safety means, above all, having a safe car. There are many excellent resources which will rank car safety in the most popular model. My favorite of these is consumer reports, which shows NHTSA crash ratings for all of the leading cars, and gives you an overall breakdown of car safety, value, and customer satisfaction.

Then again, it is important not to overlook the most important factors in car safety: wearing your seatbelt (even on a short trip to the shops) and making sure that your car is in good operating order. If you are in a crash, your chance of survival, according to some experts, more than doubles if you are wearing your seatbelt. And one of the leading preventable causes of tragic car accidents is a car that is inadequately maintained and fails because its equipment fails.

Be conscious of car safety and don't drive on bald tires or a misaligned or failing suspension. Don't put off that oil change and risk having that engine seize up on you! Above all, your car safety is your safety and that of your passengers, so don't put your life on the line just because you haven't gotten around to getting those necessary services for your car!

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