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A Few Random Chrysler Recalls!
There are many more!

All cars from all manufactures strive for perfection, but they will always be striving because what's perfect for one is flawed for another. Therefore, they are aiming for a happy balance where they can please most of their customers most of the time. No one will ever be able to please all of the people all of the time, but in their quest for excellence, they do make mistakes and Chrysler is no exception. This doesn't necessarily make them bad vehicles, but it's important for folks to know what cock-ups are made with certain models so that they are able to make informed decisions prior to purchase, and you can bet you bottom dollar that a site like Chrysler financial com is not going to highlight any flaws to potential customers.

The status of the automobile makers depends upon, of course, the quality, consumer satisfaction, and advertising campaign success of each—in competition with the others. The politics are likely brutal, and the drive likely extremely aggressive…considering big bucks are at stake for big dealers, makers, and advertisers. The reputation is equally important, as that is what runs the status to optimum or deadly low levels.

My point is that at the bottom line, word-of –mouth reporting will make or break an automotive company. I haven’t pursued with further studies, but an example is how one company is making the “Ten Hottest Cars” list (Toyota is, with six of the ten being Toyota models), while another is challenged by countering philosophies (Ford is getting crap for advertising in gay publications). But the real results are found in the company itself in general and in the machines in particular.

The recalls make the motor corporations. For example, the Chrysler recalls, for the sake of this article, are what define Chrysler and it's nice to be informed of the recall history when buying a used Chrysler in particular. It's also nice to know the price of Chrysler accessories and certain Chrysler auto parts, should the model you're interested in have a history of substandard components.

Here are a few random (I chose to pick randomly, rather than find and list all Chrysler recalls) and general notes on Chrysler recalls, then, for the Chrysler fans or Chrysler curious:

1999 Chrysler 300M

V6-3.5L VIN G – Three recalls in April, 2003; August 2001; and February 2000, respectively for Driver's Seat Recliner Bolts; Seat Belt Retractor Replacement; and Shoulder Belt Height Adjuster Bolt. And three recalls earlier, in March of 1999, for 1) VECI Replacement (CA); 2) Recall - VECI Replacement (FED); and for VECI Replacement (NLEV).

2000 Chrysler 300M Special

V6-3.5L VIN G – There were five Chrysler recalls for this model/series: in April, 2003, for Driver's Seat Recliner Bolts. In November, 2000, a recall was announced for the Child Restraint, Owner's Manual Update. In February of 2000, a recall was announced for the issue of the Left Front Seat Belt Retractor, Stop Sale Order. A February, 2000 recall announced a problem with the Shoulder Belt Height Adjuster Bolt; one month earlier this model/series was recalled for a problem with the Passenger Airbag Module.

2001 Chrysler Concorde

V6-2.7L VIN R – Similar Chrysler recalls were made for this model series, with issues concerning the Driver's Seat Recliner Bolts (April, 2003) and the Child Restraint, Owner's Manual Update (November, 2000).

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

V6-3.5L VIN 4 – For this series, Chrysler recalls announced involved PCM Reprogramming--for Engine Stalling—(March, 2004).

2002 Chrysler Sebring Limited Convertible

V6-2.7L VIN R - There were no Chrysler recalls for this model/series.

So my point is that despite, because of, or without any controversy of late, without the advertising and the balloons or the protests or commentaries or criticisms that have little to do with the autos and more to do with someone sticking a nose where it don’t belong, Chrysler stands up to the tests. While it is not to minimize the reality of the existence of Chrysler recalls—where they do exist—it is the intention to note that maybe a few seat belt changes are insignificant compared to the hassles or protests and picket lines, no?

All cars from all manufacturers have some kind of recall history. I think this is overlooked by many potential customers when they are out shopping for a new set of wheels, but if you include the recalls into your equation, you will be better able to make an informed decision when buying your next new or used motor. Recalls are not something the showroom sales personnel are going to highlight, but we customers need to know. It's our right. So, just hop on line and check out the recalls for any motor. A search on Google or Yahoo should be able to find what you're looking for.

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