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Fifty-six (56) Honda Civic Recalls Since 1973!

By Andy Maingam

There’s a lot of flap over a particular automobile maker—the Ford Motor Corporation--mostly today about their advertising in gay publications and refusing to back down for the wishes of conservative Christians, but also in light of the many recalls Ford has to make. In the same respect, and to be fair, however, consider the numbers of other car manufacturers. Honda Civic recalls are numerous and spread over many years. I wouldn’t be surprised if these Honda Civic recalls sometimes outnumber Ford’s in any given year. But I know this ‘aint a peeing competition, so let’s get on with some of those many specifics or generalities regarding Honda Civic recalls.

It hardly helps those ‘used Honda cars for sale’ ads when you read the following facts about Honda Civic recalls. From 1973 to 2006, there have been fifty-six (56) Honda Civic recalls. In one case, for example, Honda Civic recalls were so vital that they were made based on two deaths due to a faulty defibrillator. In 1973, the two recalls for suspension and for the hazards flashing warning light switch. In 1974, the seatbelts and the suspension made for recalls, and in 1975, the latter problem in addition to the engine cooling exhaust system (the manifold, header, muffler, and tail pipe) were cause for the Honda Civic recalls for the 75 Civics.

By 1985 (and later, of course), the 1985 Honda Civic recalls included reasons regarding the windshield wiper and washer problems and a problem with fuel delivery due to a faulty fuel pump.

And within the last few years in the 2000s, the Honda Civic recalls have included problems with seat belts and electrical system ignition switch (2000); the gasoline storage tank, filler pipe and cap assembly, engine cooling, headlights, seat belts, fuel pump delivery (2001); engine cooling, headlights, frontal air bags, and accelerator pedal (2003/6) issues and problems.

But you know, as much as we might stay faithful to one auto maker or model, and as often as we rib and dig the owner of the other model or make fanatic, from what I have seen, most auto manufacturers have problems and have to do recalls. For example, since I started by mentioning Ford (and though I am a diehard Ford lover), I will note how the Honda Civic recalls of one year often parallel the Ford recalls of the same or another year. Ford also has had accelerator control problems, seat belt issues, and crises involving brakes and fuel pumps (the latter of which, when faulty, can cause everything from engine surging to hesitation and can possibly result in crashes, for instance).

It makes sense that a vehicle may start out perfect then fail in some department or area or may never be perfect to begin with…given the margin for error humans have and should be acknowledged as having.

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