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The Smart Buy - Jeep Grand Cherokee!

What is it with man and motors? Do we really buy cars to impress the girls or is it to impress our mates? Maybe some of us simply love whatever it is we’re driving for the car itself and sod what the other's think! I know one thing for sure; my father seems to have turned into an egomaniac with an inferiority complex as he trudges through some kind of mid-life-crises. I mean, the man's driving a car that he can ill afford to buy, let alone run. Mind you, it is a nice motor and while he's lacking in youthful good looks, his new C-Class Mercedes-Benz Sports Coupe is not. Yeah, okay, I'm a little jealous, but I still think his smart jeep Grand Cherokee was far more up his alley!

What are you driving these days? Are you zipping around town in a snazzy sports car, or are you cruising with the family in a jeep Grand Cherokee? In all honesty, I think they're both great choices, it simply depends on what you're looking for. Okay stop, who am I kidding? Not too many folks can afford a top of the range sports model. The jeep Grand Cherokee on the other hand is rather popular this day and age and there are a good number of reasons to buy one. For starters, as far as performance is concerned, all engines provide plenty of pace. It handles itself really well both on and off-road, it's almost as quiet as an executive saloon, and it's well priced and durable.

So many folks, whether they're single or toting around a family of six, really go for the SUVs. Apart from the escalating cost of gas, these jeeps really are a great all-round deal, especially for families. However, some sources say Gas could end up as high as five bucks a gallon, and that's just ridiculous! SUVs are taking over the United States. It's clear to me that the cell phones continue to get smaller, while the SUVs get bigger. Go figure!

On a more serious note though, now that we're all getting educated on climate change, and being told to, save on energy wherever possible, shouldn't modern Americans be sizing down instead of sizing up on their motoring wants. I say wants, because how many of us actually need these gas guzzling motors? Is it back to the image thingy and keeping up with the neighbors? Maybe we care so little about the planet we are to leave for out children and their children! Ok, enough ranting from me, it's just that I can't get over my dad gallivanting around in that big ole Benze all on his lonesome.

Have you ever had the pleasure of driving a jeep Grand Cherokee? I can honestly say that I have. It's easy to say that this is the epitome of sport utility vehicles. It's neither at the highest price range, nor is it at the lowest. In fact, it's just right for many single individuals and families alike. The only problem remains. Gas prices are not plummeting to say the very least. I don't think the fuel and oil companies have any intention of lowering them unless they absolutely have to. This is just life. Do you see the president doing anything about this? Probably not!

If you're in the market for an SUV, then you may want to check into the jeep Grand Cherokee. Along with the Infinity and the Porsche, I would say these are amongst the best available now days. However, be sure to heed this common sense warning regarding fuel costs. They're not likely to drop folks, and with the jeep Grand Cherokee estimated miles per gallon at 14 city/21 highway, you might want to plan out a budget in order to see if you can afford the running costs.

Anyhow, we love our cars in America and that's fair enough. It's a big country and we need to get around it, so why not do it in as much comfort as possible. If you can afford to buy and run the jeep grand Cherokee it might just be the best auto purchase you ever made. Hop online and read some real reviews, I think you'll be impressed.

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