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Got a Power Door Lock Yet?

Cars, electronics and technology have advanced in leaps and bound over recent years and thank goodness for that. It wasn't so long ago that it was way too easy to lock yourself out of your own vehicle. I've done it myself a couple of times on the past. Simply nipped out to post a letter, pressed down the door latch and slammed the door shut. One locked car, engine running, radio blasting, double yellow lines, and no way to get back in other than call out the local garage for paid assistance. Unfortunately, the power door lock was unheard of in those days.

However, once the keyless door lock was first introduced, it used to be the case that unless you could afford a high end automobile, the chances of your car having a power door lock were slim to none. Initially, the all new power door lock was reserved for those who drove luxury vehicles, but later on came the power door lock kits which some folks got fitted at a later date as a luxury extra.

In today's world this is not the case. You can’t pull into a parking lot without seeing someone punching their power door lock keypad to unlock or lock their car door. In fact, these days it seems that more drivers have a power door lock system than a standard one. It is becoming less and less of a habit for people to actually lock their motor with a key before leaving the vehicle.

It was roughly fifty years ago that the car door lock became a power door lock. Little did we know back then that the novelty electronic door lock was to become the norm in most new cars. It was first introduced on the Luxury Packard. Gradually, but it soon became a feature on more and more luxury cars as time went by, but as I say, today, virtually every make and model of car offers it as either a standard or as an optional extra.

Even with one installed, there are still several ways to lock or unlock a car door. Drivers can still use their key or actually push the lock on the door to lock their vehicles although fewer cars no have the latter option on the driver's side nowadays so as to avoid locking yourself out.

The main advantage of this feature is ease of use. Remember the days where after a long shopping trip you would trek across a parking lot with your arms loaded down with bags, only to have juggle them or set them on the ground so that you fumble with your key to get into your car? With a power door lock, those days are bygones. The driver only has to push the keypad and free up a hand to actually open the door.

Another advantage is that with many models, not only the driver but the front seat passenger can operate the locks on all the doors in the car. This is a great feature when traveling with children or in other scenarios where the driver or front seat passenger needs easy access and control of the locks on the back doors of the car.

In complicated systems, a power door lock is monitored by the body controller in the car. The body controller monitors a radio frequency and unlocks the car door when a correct code is entered. In simpler models, power is sent to the actuators which unlock or lock the door.

There are many variations of this type of lock, and just as many manufacturers. But most say that a power door lock can be installed in just a few hours. Prices vary based on the manufacturer and the exact type.

With a growing increase in theft and burglary, innovative technology for locks and alarms is always trying to keep one step ahead of the criminal. In fact, the fingerprint door lock is now being used for homes and offices. These fingerprint Door Locks offer unique features that really do improve your personal security, but I think the next innovation will probably be iris recognition locks for both cars and buildings. Now that would be cool. Can you imagine unlocking your vehicle with a cheeky wink!

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