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I hope you will enjoy this new site. Keeping cars aims to cover all manner of topics relating to autos. How to clean, maintain, and care for your precious vehicle and to answer such questions as: where can I find used cars online, or can I find used cars for sale by owner on the internet, or both, new and used cars for sale.

There will also be reviews and personal articles on restoration, classic cars, vintage cars, their owners etc. Some folks may want to find out about how to get a bad credit auto loan, or an online auto insurance quote. The subject matter is endless. In fact anything relating to autos that may be of interest will be added to the site as time goes by. Enjoy. (Webmaster)

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Radio Controlled Cars – Big Boys Toys

Although they’ve been around for years, Radio Controlled Cars are perhaps one of the neatest toys ever to be invented. Hey, don’t get me wrong here I’m not saying that old Scale Electrics or Erector Sets aren’t fantastic toys too! I’ve spent a lot of time with Lincoln Logs, Scale Electrics and Erector Sets over the years, and they’ve given me literally hours and hours of pure enjoyment. I actually built huge contraptions out of Erector Sets that handily demolished cabins and warehouses built out of Lincoln Logs. However, neither Lincoln Logs nor Erector Sets can launch themselves off of jumps very convincingly. They are also not very good at giving gerbils and small cuddly animals the rides of their live time, and after all, isn’t that what radio controlled cars are really built for?

Okay, so radio controlled cars need batteries for fuel, and they can be a bit finicky to use, and every so often they become a bit annoying (especially if you’re not the controller) but no one can ever say that radio controlled cars aren’t among the best toys ever produced. If you said that, you’d be in denial.

Though radio controlled cars are obviously cool, which cars are the coolest is definitely a matter that is still open for debate. For example, radio controlled dune buggies, with their knobby tires and big suspensions are easily the fastest off road r/c vehicles. They may be the most exciting as well, especially if you’ve ever seen the high-powered racing buggies tearing around a specially made track, flying off of jumps and around turns. But are they cool? Yeah, probably. But they’re bad at carrying hamsters. This makes them slightly less cool.

Remote controlled dump trucks, though not nearly as fast as the buggies, are good at carrying hamsters. Incidentally, they’re also good at carrying toy soldiers and Lincoln Logs and sticks and dirt. If you have a remote controlled loader along with the dump truck you can move anything, even mashed potatoes. These benefits garner lots of cool points for the loader/dump truck combination, but they’re not very fast at all. Not being fast hurts them a bit in the cool department, so maybe we need to look elsewhere for the coolest remote controlled car.

Ah yes, the remote controlled monster truck. It’s almost as fast as the radio controlled buggy, and it can carry a hamster just as easily as the remote controlled dump truck (though it won’t fare quite so well with the mashed potatoes). Not only that, but the remote controlled monster truck can drive over lesser remote controlled cars, all with you at the controls. If you’re trying to figure out what to get a kid for his or her birthday or Christmas present, sure, you can get the kid socks. Or you could get him or her something cool, like a remote controlled monster truck.

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